LOKOS NRLM Mobile application

The “LokosNRLM (National Rural Livelihoods Mission) application is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at empowering rural communities in India. This innovative mobile application serves as a powerful tool for the effective implementation of NRLM programs, which focus on poverty alleviation and socio-economic development in rural areas.


LOKOS NRLM Mobile application

With Lokos, NRLM aims to bridge the digital divide and bring technology-driven solutions to the doorstep of rural households. The application is designed to facilitate the seamless flow of information, resources, and services to empower rural communities and improve their livelihoods.

One of the key features of this app is its comprehensive database of beneficiaries, which ensures accurate and efficient targeting of NRLM interventions. This database enables the identification of vulnerable households and provides them with access to various schemes, training programs, and financial services tailored to their specific needs. By streamlining the identification and delivery processes, Lokos ensures that the benefits of NRLM reach those who need them the most.

Moreover, the app serves as a platform for capacity building and skill development by providing access to training modules, videos, and interactive learning tools. It equips rural entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills necessary to start and manage their own enterprises, thereby fostering self-reliance and sustainable livelihoods. The app also facilitates peer-to-peer learning and networking opportunities, allowing rural communities to learn from each other’s experiences and success stories.

In addition, Lokos enables efficient monitoring and evaluation of NRLM programs. Through real-time data collection and analysis, policymakers and program implementers can track the progress and impact of interventions, identify bottlenecks, and make informed decisions for future initiatives. This data-driven approach enhances transparency, accountability, and evidence-based policymaking, leading to more effective poverty reduction strategies.

This application holds immense potential to transform the lives of millions of rural households in India. By leveraging the power of technology and connectivity, it empowers individuals, strengthens communities, and paves the way for inclusive and sustainable development in rural areas. With Lokos, the NRLM takes a significant step forward in its mission to eradicate poverty and build resilient rural economies.


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